Monday, September 3, 2012

Pasta with zucchini flowers

What to do if you have: hand-made pasta from your grandmother, San Marzano tomatoes, sausages and zucchini flower?
During the summer in the south of Italy we are used to make the tomato sauce; this is a memory of my childhood when my parents woke up me in the early morning to help them to do the peeled tomato sauce, just because I had little hands usefull to push the tomatoes into the tin.
It's a lot of time we didn't do it, also because living in Milan there no reason to do it, here you can just buy it. It's something about traditions that are going to get lost.

Coming back to us, I received from my parents a lot of good ingredients from my "South", my grandmother makes a delicious pasta thus I decided to make up a new receipe with those fresh "Perini" tomatoes.


Fresh Tomato sauce



Put the tomatoes in a pot al let them boil until cooked. Let cool down, then peel and blend with basil. 

Pasta (Maccaronara) and Zucchini flowers


Fresh tomato sauce
2 sausages or 100 g minced meat
Bread crumbs
1 egg
Parmigiano Regggiano
Extravergin olive oil
Mint leaves
10 zucchini flowers
200 g fresh maccaronara

Place in a bowl the sausages/minced meat stuffing and mix with salt, parmigiano,mint, egg and bread crumbs, like you would make a meatball.
Clean the flowers and stuff a bit with this mix, close the flower.
With the remaining meat mix, make little meat ball (you can add a bit more of bread crumbs).
In the meanwhile prepare a pan with extravergin o.o. an onion, chilli, when hot place the meatballs and the stuffed flowers.
Let cook for 15 min moving the pan every once in a while, than add 1/2 of red wine, let evaporate it.

Now add your tomato sauce, add a bit of salt and let cook.

Prepare your pasta et voilà!

Buon appetito!

                                      This recipe takes parte into the Ammodomio contest!
                                        Questa ricetta partecipa ad un anno Ammodomio!


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