Monday, October 22, 2012

Pasta with Pumpkin and Parma Ham

Welcome in autumn!
I believe that autumn is magic, because you can see how many colors there are within yellow and brown.


I love colors,  that's why I don't like using black and white pics, I guess you can use black and white colors just if you need to communicate something sepecific that goes outside of the colors and to underline the subject.
Pictures like the one above without any color loose their meaning, becoming just a melanchonic pics. Colors, instead, give a meaning and a feeling depending from the viewer, for example this picture brings up to my mind a wonderful movie: What Dream May Come, an union of love and colors.

"What's true in our minds is true, whether some people know it or not."
What Dream May Come

Going back to food, today I'd propose the autumn vegetable par excellence : pumpkin!
Do you mind how to prepare pasta with pumpkin, let's try together! 


(2 people)

300 g pumpkin
150 g pasta
100 g Parma Ham
extravergin olive oil
vegetable stock
Vinagre glaze to decorate

Place the pumpkin in a pan, add a bit of water and let boil it. Once ready add the stock and let cook other 10 min. Blend the pumkin to have a cream.
In an other pan, cook the extravergin olive oil with a bit of onion and hot pepper, add the parma ham sliced and cook for 30 sec. Add the pumpkin cream, cook and mix.
Cook the pasta al dente (turn off the burner 3 min in advance) add 3 tablespoon of parmesan cheese and pan-fry.

Now, it's time to eat!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Black carrot savoury

"Enamorarse es sentirse encantado por algo, y algo sólo puede encantar si es o parece ser perfección."
José Ortega y Gasset

("Falling in love means feeling delighted for something, and something can be delightful if is o seems be perfection." J
osé Ortega y Gasset)

When Ortenga talks about falling in love, he refers to "things" and not to people and even if could sounds strange, for me it totally explains that it's possible falling in love with 
conceptual things as well.
Yes, ok, I'm not here to telling you how you feel when you discover to love something, but I'd like to show how many things we love, that could be actions, gazes, smells, feelings, instants, situations or even places.
If I have to choose a picture to show things I love, one couldn't be enough, for sure I can start from something that makes my heart pound.

The colorful city I love, Barcelona, that better represents who I am.
In particular, the most depicting place of Barcelona, for me, is the Boqueria. The famous market on the Ramblas where you are throw into the magic of the city.
My last receipe lets occur on my mind when I was usual to cross the city from Saints to Liceu just for buying fruits and vegetables, who knows if even in the Boqueria are selling black carrots? 

Black carrots savory 

(for two people)


300 g boiled carrots

1 egg
2 tbsp of pamesan cheese

-Spinach cream-

vegetable stock
1 tbsp natural yoghurt

Boil the carrots and blend them, add the egg, salt and parmesan, mix and place in the ramekins, let cook at bain-marie for 30 min at 180/190 °C.
In the meanwhile, toast 1 tablespoon of flour in a pan with hot extravergin olive oil, add the boiled spinaches, after 3 minutes add the stock and let cook for 10 min.
Blend the spinach unitl make a cream, then add the yoghurt and the thyme and mix.
Prepare your plate putting the spinaches cream and the savoury up.

The carrot savoury has a really soft flavour that I suggest to contrast with a parmesan cream to place on the top. Making the cream is really simple: in a pan let warm the pamesan with a tablespoon of liquid cream (depending on how much parmesan you placed), it should be quite thick, not too much liquid.

Place the parmesan cream up the savory and ENJOY IT!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

News: Personal Cake Maker

We have some news!
If you are searching for a cake receipe, I'd suggest you to visit the Personal Cake Maker page.

Click here or on the poster below!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cannoncini alla crema

"A partire da una certa età, per amor proprio e per furbizia, le cose che desideriamo di più sono quelle a cui fingiamo di non tenere."
(M. Proust) 

"Starting from a certain age, for self-respect and cunning, things we wish more are the ones for which we pretend to do not care."
(M. Proust) 

Happy birthday my love.

From Sep the 1st to October there are a lot of birthdays in my family. Any time I try to give everyone his/her sweet gift baseed on his/her preferences.
This time my boyfriend told me: "please do not make cakes anymore", such a strange request. Well,  I thought: "Fine, cakes are not the only thing I can do, there is also the patisserie" :)
...Such a women devilish idea!
Taking advantage of the time for his gym, I made such delicous cannoncini with vanilla custard in only...."wait for it"...30 min (this time includes preparing, cooking, dishing out, cleaning and hiding everything). You don't believe me? Ok, you are right, I also took advantage of the shower, using my dissumulation talent to hide what I was doing when he cames back! yeah!

Let have a look!

Cannoncini alla crema


French pastry


Vanilla custard

Cut french pastry stripes wide 1 cm, brush with a bit of water and put them around the cannoli form, taking care to overlap each strip to the other. Brush with a syrup made with water and sugar.

Oven at 220°C for 15 min and then let gild at 250°C for 5 min.
Cool them down and fill in with the vanilla custard.

Now, let's go to celebrate!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012



I'm just baking different pizzas!
Have a look...
Little pizzas with French pastry. Quick. Simple. Delucious.
And more to come!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Apple Cake

Apple pie, apple cake, apple tart, tart tatin...there are a lot of different sweets you can do using the apples of your apple tree.
This time I've tried to make a soft breakfast apple cake. 
Let's have a look!

Torta morbida di mele


226g butter
4 eggs
300 g all-purpose flour
200g liquid cream
180g sugar
3 tsp baking powder
2 apples


home-made percocas peaches marmelade

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add in one yolk at a time and continue to beat until light and fluffy. Sift flour, baking powder and salt. Add the flour into the butter mixture alternating with the fresh cream.Beat the egg whites until still and add to the mix, then add in the cubes one apple.
Prepare an 8” baking pan, greased well and line the bottom with parchment paper. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degree F (160°C). 
Pour the batter into the baking pan. Smooth the top. Arrange the slice apple on top of the cake and bake for an hour till golden brown or until skewer comes out clean when tested.
Removed from oven and let it cool down for 10 minutes in the pan and then turn it out on the cooling rack. Mix the marmalade with some drops of water and brush it all over the top of the cake.

Have a try!

(Italian version)

Esistono mille versioni diverse di torte di mele, alte basse, sfogliate, con lo yogurt, senza e via discorrendo. Quello che stavo cercando io, però, era una torta alta e soffice, che sapesse poco di burro, alta e compatta ma morbida, così come l'avevo assaggiata in un ristorante di un amico.

La mia prova è stata la seguente e devo ammettere che è molto simile a quella che cercavo.

Il sapore? Delizioso!

Torta morbida di mele


226 g burro
4 uova
300 g farina 00
200g panna liquida
180 g zucchero
3 cucchiaini di lievito
2 mele


marmellata di percoche

Battere a crema il burro con lo zucchero. Aggiungere i tuorli uno alla volta. Aggiugere la farina setacciata con il lievito alternandola alla panna. Infine, aggiugere gli albui montati a neve con il pizzico di sale mescolando lentamente.
Aggiungere le mele tagliate a cubetti e disporre le mele tagliate in fette sottile sulla torta.

Preriscaldare il forno a 160° C e cuocere la torta finchè cotta ( 1 h).
Una volta pronta far raffreddare e per poi glassare con la marmellata di percoche fatta in casa, mescolata con qualche goccia di acqua.

Far asciugare e poi mangiare...un po' per volta se riuscite!

Questa ricetta partecipa ad un anno Ammodomio.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to make: GNOCCHI

Lesson n°1: Gnocchi are on the table
Usually when you start to learn something there is always something on the table, in particular the first lesson of english language that each italian knows is that the cat is on the table.
I assume there are same first lessons for all the languages around the world and I'm a bit curious about it, but I never heard any other lesson like that.
Anyway, this is time to gnocchi and to learn how to do your home-made gnocchi.

If you have been in Sorrento, in the Amalfi Cost, you have for sure enjoyed your stay, beacuse there are a lot of wonderful places over there, but also you had the chance to savor fragrant lemons, cedar fruit and...the Sorrentina Gnocchis! Wooow, how I'd like to be there right now...
Remembering the Cost I dediced to try to do the gnocchis by my self, just to feeling again in the beautiful Sorrento.

Let's start!

Potatoes gnocchi

1 kg potatoes
200 g flour 00 (any other kind of flour will change the consistency of the gnocchi)

Steam the potatoes, once cooked peel them and let cool down a bit.
Mash the potatoes and then knead them with the flour.
Do a big ball with the paste.

Take little pieces of the paste and make rolls helping with your hands.

Cut the roll into little gnocchi
 Take your gnocchi board or, if you havn't got one, use a fork or another board, like I did, like a pasta guitar.

Place any gnocco on the board and push with your finger from the top to down.

Place the flour on your gnocchis to avoid sticking each others.

Now place lets boil the water in a pot, add the salt. Once it is boiling put the gnocchi and as soon as they will float on the pot, take with a perforated spoon and drain.

You can dress your gnocchis with pesto or tomato sauce or with butter,bacon, Parmesan cheese and sage (and let toast in the oven) or with tomato sauce, scamorza, Parmesan cheese and let finish to toast in the oven (that is Gnocchi alla Sorrentina).
Gnocchi alla sorrentina

Now, it's up to you choose and try ;) 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walnuts Cake

"Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport."
Herry Youngman

There is always a reason to say something unhappy about  your mother-in-law, but this is not that case.
I've asked her to send me her recipe for this fantastic cake and I think she is always happy when I appreciate her cakes.
I would say, I tested it for the first time and I decided to make it by my self. This is the most soft cake that you have ever tried! Believe me! It's quite impossible eat it without dirty all around... :)
I guess I will use the same recipe to test new cakes changing something here and there.

Have a look...

Walnuts cake


250 g butter, softened
250 g plain (all-purpose) flour
250 g caster (superfine) sugar
20 walnuts, finely chopped
16 g baking powder 
4 eggs
4 tablespoons rum (or milk if you have not rum)

Place the butter in a bowl and blend it until it become a cream, add the sugar and blend together for 5 min. Add eggs yolk one for time mixing until absorbed.
Add the rum and then the flour mixed and backing powder sifted and mixed together, slowly.
Preheat the oven at 170°C.
Beat until stiff the egg whites with a pinch of salt.
Then mix the two part and place the cake in a tin.
Cook for 30 min, let cool it down.

Taste it!

Torta di noci (la migliore mai provata)

(in Italian)
250 g burro morbido
250 g farina
250 g zucchero
20 noci tritate finemente
1 bustina di lievito
4 uova
4 cucchiai di rum
Lavorare il burro a pomata con metà dello zucchero. Nel frattempo montare gli albumi a neve con la rimanente parte dello zucchero.
Aggiungere al burro un uovo alla volta fino a completo assorbimento. Aggiungere il rum e poi gli albumi meringati delicatamente ed infine la farina setacciata con il lievito.
Da ultimo aggiungere le noci finemente tritate ed informare a forno preriscaldato a 170° C per 30 min.
Far raffreddare e spolverizzare con zucchero a velo.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mint zucchini fritters

I'm assuming you made your fresh tomato sause with zucchini flowers, at this stage you should have a lot of little zucchini in your fridge waiting for a new recipe, so what do you think about some zucchini fritters?

As you know the zucchini with flowers are very little and have a fantastic flavor! For this reason I decided to not cook them so long because otherwise I will lose their good fresh taste that I underlined using the mint leaves, do you wanna try?

Zucchini fritters

10 little zucchini
1 tablespoon Parmesan
3 tablespoon bread crumbs
2 eggs
2 tablespoon of scamorza chopped 
fresh mint leaves chopped

oil to fry (in italy, or better, in the South where I come from, we use only extravergin olive oil, anyother oil is junk, but usaull if you have to fry, using an oilseed you will have a fried food less "heavy", so I cannot suggest to you an oil, take the one that you prefer)

Cut the zucchini in little pieces. In a bowl add all the ingredients and mix.
Let cool down in the fridge (it should be relly cold when you put them down in the hot oil, in this way you will have crunchy fritters)
In a tin heat the oil, and when it's really hot put your zucchini mix using a tablespoon to give the shape.

Lets cold it down and enjoy it!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pasta with zucchini flowers

What to do if you have: hand-made pasta from your grandmother, San Marzano tomatoes, sausages and zucchini flower?
During the summer in the south of Italy we are used to make the tomato sauce; this is a memory of my childhood when my parents woke up me in the early morning to help them to do the peeled tomato sauce, just because I had little hands usefull to push the tomatoes into the tin.
It's a lot of time we didn't do it, also because living in Milan there no reason to do it, here you can just buy it. It's something about traditions that are going to get lost.

Coming back to us, I received from my parents a lot of good ingredients from my "South", my grandmother makes a delicious pasta thus I decided to make up a new receipe with those fresh "Perini" tomatoes.


Fresh Tomato sauce



Put the tomatoes in a pot al let them boil until cooked. Let cool down, then peel and blend with basil. 

Pasta (Maccaronara) and Zucchini flowers


Fresh tomato sauce
2 sausages or 100 g minced meat
Bread crumbs
1 egg
Parmigiano Regggiano
Extravergin olive oil
Mint leaves
10 zucchini flowers
200 g fresh maccaronara

Place in a bowl the sausages/minced meat stuffing and mix with salt, parmigiano,mint, egg and bread crumbs, like you would make a meatball.
Clean the flowers and stuff a bit with this mix, close the flower.
With the remaining meat mix, make little meat ball (you can add a bit more of bread crumbs).
In the meanwhile prepare a pan with extravergin o.o. an onion, chilli, when hot place the meatballs and the stuffed flowers.
Let cook for 15 min moving the pan every once in a while, than add 1/2 of red wine, let evaporate it.

Now add your tomato sauce, add a bit of salt and let cook.

Prepare your pasta et voilà!

Buon appetito!

                                      This recipe takes parte into the Ammodomio contest!
                                        Questa ricetta partecipa ad un anno Ammodomio!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Plum Crumble Cake


after a quick trip to France, in Provence, the weather decided to bring us in autumn. Not so bad,  it's good to change so frequently even if I already start to miss the sun!
In anyway take look into the last summer fruit cake :)

From Donna Hay magazine - Feb 12

Plum Slice with Pecan Crumble (serves 8-10)

180 g butter, softned
1 cup (220 g) caster (superfine) sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
5 eggs
2 teaspoons baking powder, sifted
2 1/2 cups (375 g) plain (all-puropose) flour, sifted
1 1/4 cup (300 g) sour cream
12 mixed plums, stones removed and quartered
2 tablespoons caster (superfine) sugar, extra

pecan crumble
1/4 cup (75 g) bron sugar
1 cup (125 g) pecans, roughly chopped
60 g butter, melted
1/2 cups (75 g) plain (all-puropose) flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (I didn't use it)

To make the pecan crumble, place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well to combine. Set aside.
Preheat oven to 160° (325 °F). Place the butter, sugar and vanilla in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat until light and creamy.
Gradually add the eggs and beat until well combined. Add the flour, backing powder and sour cream and beat until just combined.
Spoon into a lightly greased 24x34 cm backing dish lined with non-stick backing paper. Place the pulms and extra sugar in a bowl and toss to coat. Top the cake with the plums and pecan crumble.
Bake for 1 hour or unitl cooked when tested with a skewer. Allow to cool in tin befor serving.

Have a try!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Genoese Pesto (Basil Pesto)

Are you wondering how to do a simple, fresh and quick Italian Pesto?!
OK, first of all you have to decide which pesto? There are many different Pestos in Italy and the most well-know are the Basil Pesto (named Genoese pesto) and the Sicilian (with ricotta cheese).
For this time I would show you how to make a typical Italian Genoese pesto useful to dress your pasta or any other dishes. I suggest you to try this pesto wherever simply using your creativity,  because it gives a different taste to your dishes.

Have  a look!


40 Fresh basil leaves

10 g Extravergin olive oil (you cannot unse any other oil)
10 g Parmesan 
10 g Pine nuts
1 tsp Salt

1 mortar (if you would make a relly italian pesto)

First of all, go to you garden and take the basil leaves, then go to your utility room and take and dust off your mortar.
You know, you cannot do a real italian pesto without the mortar. But, if you haven't yet decided to buy one I can understand and for this time you can use your mixer.
Place all the ingredients in your mortar or mixer for 5 min.
Once done, put it in your refrigerator of freeze it.

Do you have any ideas on how to use it?

Have a try!

(versión española)

Estás preguntandote como hacer un pesto italiano fresco, sencillo y rapido?!
Bien, ya has decidido que pesto quieres hacer? Ya sabes que hay diferentes pestos en italia y los mas conocidos son  lo de albaha (llamado pesto genovés) y lo siciliano (hecho con requesón).
Por esta vez quiero enseñarte como hacer un típico pesto genovés que puedes utilizár para tus platillos (pasta o otros).
Lo que te sugiero es de provar esto pesto con lo que quieras simplemente utilizando tus creatividad, porqué te vas a dar un sabor diferente a los platos.



40 hojas de albaha fresco

10 g aceite extravirgen (no, no y no, no pueses utilizar otros aceite)
10 g Parmesano
10 g piñónes
1  cuccharilla sal

1 mortero (si quieres hacer un verdadero pesto italiano)

Primero, vete a tomar las hojas de albaha en tu gardín, después toma el mortero en tu cuarto de servicio y limpialo.
Ya sabes, no puedes hacer unverdadero epsto italiano si no tienes un morter, pero... si no lo tienes porqué aùn no has decidido de comprarlo te puedo comprender y por esta verz puedes utiliár una batidora.

Pongas todos los ingredientes en la batidora/mortero y dejalos por 5 minutos.
Un avez hecho puedes poner to pesto en el refrigerador o, si prefieres, puedes helarlo y utilizarlo un otra vez.

Tienes otras ides some como utilizarlo? Digamelo!


(versione italiana)

Sei pronto per preparare un pesto fresco, semplice e veloce?
Se la tua idea è di rimanere sul classico, preparando un pesto genovese, senza addentrarti nei meanadri dei "pesti" italiani, puoi utilizzare un modo veloce per prepare i tuoi piatti di pasta e non in men che non si dica.
Io ti suggerisco di provare il pesto con i piatti più disparati, allontanandoti dalle tradizionali trofie con pesto patate e fagiolini, lasciando dare sfogo alla tua fantasia.


40 foglie di basilico genovese
10 g EVO
10 g Parmigiano
10 g pinoli
1  cucchiaino di sale

1 mortaio

Prima di tutto, bisogna raccogliere le foglie di basilico dalla nostra cara fresca, poi ci occorre prendere il mortaio dal ripostiglio e spolverarlo.
Se non hai il mortaio perchè non hai ancora avuto modo di comprarlo ti capisco, per questa volta puoi utilizzare il mixer ma non dirlo a nessuno chef che si rispetti. Non è una questione di forma ma piuttosto di sapore.
Ora non resta che pestare tutti gli ingredienti ed utilizzare il pesto fresco per tutti i tuoi piatti.

PS. La differenza tra un pesto fatto in casa e uno comprato è elevata, il pesto del supermercato, a mio dire, la maggiorparte delle volte, non vale i soldi spesi. Inoltre, puoi decidere di fare una dose in più di pesto (quando hai tante foglioline da utilizzare prima che appassiscano per i 40° esterni o pechè dovrai pur andare in vacanza e staccarti dai fornelli e dal lavoro) e surgelarlo, una volta scongelato è come appena fatto.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yogurt brioches


Are you ready to prepare your breakfast healthy brioches by yourself?
I’ve found out the receipt from this Italian blog, Adriano is a “leavened pastries guru”, he knows everything about them and any his receipt is successful.


250gr plain (all-purpose) flour + 250 g American flour
100gr milk
150gr natural yoghurt
2 eggs + 1 yolk
100gr caster sugar
60gr melted butter
2 tsps honey
12gr brewer’s yeast
7gr salt
2 tsp rum
1 finely grated lemon rind + 1/2 orange one

Dissolve 1 tbsp of honey with the brewer’s yeast, 1/2 of lemon rind and the tepid milk, then add 90g of flour, stir and let rise for around 90’.
Blend the remaining part of the rind with the yoghurt.
Place the eggs, yolk, 50 g of sugar, half of the remaining flour mix in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat until it become stiff (if you have got a Kenwood machine, KitchenAid, or similar, use the K beater, here you have an example). In three times add the yoghurt, remaing sugar and flour. Let became stiff again and then add slowly the rum and let beat for other few minutes. Change the beater, take the hook (like this one) and beat at speed 1.5. Stop twice the mixer and upside down the pastry, leave it beating until it become shining and elastic.Cover it and let rise at 26°C, until it will double (90 min).
Place in a pastry board cover with flour and fold the pastry in this way (follow the third, fourth and fifth pics).
After 15 minutes cut by half the pastry, make two circles 7 mm often, divide each one in 12 slices (like a cake), and roll up each slice on itself (from the triangle base to the top). Let raise your brioches for 1 hour left.
Brush them with one egg, place in the oven at 180°C for 15 min.

Let get them cold and enjoy them with Nutella, yoghurt, jam or custard (any other ideas?).

PS. To keep them fresh you can froze them or keep them in a plastic bag for 3 days.

Have a try!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hazelnuts (and pistachio) ice-cream

(versione italiana)

45°C e non mi riferisco ala temperatura del forno.
Oggi fa veramente caldo ed è per questo che ho deciso di preparare la base per il gelato alla nocciola.
Ormani è già la terza volta che lo provo ed è sicuramente quella meglio riuscita.
Mi sento quasi come la regina del gelato, ma solo perchè ho finalmente trovato le giuste proporzioni necessarie ad ottenere un gelato perfettamente cremoso, basta seguire tutti i passi scrupolosamente et voilà...gelato come da gelateria...oserei dire...ancor meglio se fatto in casa!
Eccovi la ricetta!


200 ml di panna
130 ml di latte
100 g di nocciole o 80g di pistacchi
1 tuorlo
81 g di zucchero semolato

9 g di destrosio
1/2 cucchiaino di amido di mais

Inserire le nocciole già tostate e pelate ( per tostarle basta porle 12 min nel forno a 190°) nel mixer/cutter e lasciarle andre per 10 min fino a quando non si trasformano in crema.
Nel frattempo, riscaldare la panna, il latte, e il tuorlo, già amalgamati, in un pentolino. Togliere dal fuoco poco prima che cominci  a bollire (per evitare che l'uovo coaguli), aggiungere i solidi rimanenti (zucchero, destrosio, amido e crema di nocciole) lasciar raffreddare velocemente, ad esempio con un bagnomaria ghiacciato.Riporre in frigorifero da almeno 4 ore fino a 24 ore.
Una volta che la crema sarà mantecata, riporla nella gelatiera per il tempo necessario (approx. un'ora).
Una volta pronto vorrete mangiarlo tutto ma no, non fatelo! Infatti l'ultimo passo cruciale richiede proprio di resistere all'appetito riponendo il gelato in freezer qualche ora. Quest'ultimo passo vi eviterà di mangiare un gelato che si sciolga dopo 2 minuti (considerando i 45° esterni...).
Ora che avete risistito abbastanza potete godervi il vostro cremoso gelato alle nocciole!
Bon appetit!

PS. Riuscire a fare un gelato cremoso richiede di seguire scrupolosamente questi passi: amalgamare gli ingredienti in ordine (da quelli più liquidi a quelli più solidi), riscaldare la base, raffreddarla velocemente, riporla a maturare in frigorifero per almeno 4 ore, procedere con la 'gelatura', lasciar riposare in freezer per quache ora.

Ora, non vi resta che provarlo!

(English version)

45°C and I am not referring to the oven.
Yes, today is really hot that's why I have already prepared the cream to ice for the walnut ice cream.
It's already the third time I try to do it and, I would say, the best one.
I am feeling like the ice-cream queen just because I found out the right percentage to have a perfect creamy, home-made, italian gelato. Are you curios?
Let's start with the recipe!


200 ml (liquid) cream
130 ml milk
100 g walnuts or 80 g pistachios
1 yolk
81 g sugar
9 g dextrose
1/2 tbs cornstarch (cornflour)

Put walnuts already peeled and rosted (put them in the oven 190°C for 12 min) in the mixer/cutter and leave them for 10 min since it turns into a liquid walnut cream.
Place the milk, the cream and the yolk in a saucepan over medium-low heat and stir, add the sugar, the dextrose ans the starch.
Remove from the heat before it starts to boil and cool quickly (for example using an iced water bath). Add the walnuts cream and whisk the cream.
Pour into a tin and cool it from for minimum 4 hours or overnight. 
Place the cooled cream into your ice-cream maker. When is done, place it in your freezer.
Are you ready to eat it up? Enjoy!

PS. The secret to have a creamy ice-cream is to follow the process: stir the ingredients in order (from the more liquid to the more solid ones), heat, quickly cool, leave cooling in your refrigerator for at least 4 hours, prepare your ice-cream with the ice-cream maker, freeze it.
All those steps are needed to have a really creamly ice-cream, italian style!

Have a try!