Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to make: GNOCCHI

Lesson n°1: Gnocchi are on the table
Usually when you start to learn something there is always something on the table, in particular the first lesson of english language that each italian knows is that the cat is on the table.
I assume there are same first lessons for all the languages around the world and I'm a bit curious about it, but I never heard any other lesson like that.
Anyway, this is time to gnocchi and to learn how to do your home-made gnocchi.

If you have been in Sorrento, in the Amalfi Cost, you have for sure enjoyed your stay, beacuse there are a lot of wonderful places over there, but also you had the chance to savor fragrant lemons, cedar fruit and...the Sorrentina Gnocchis! Wooow, how I'd like to be there right now...
Remembering the Cost I dediced to try to do the gnocchis by my self, just to feeling again in the beautiful Sorrento.

Let's start!

Potatoes gnocchi

1 kg potatoes
200 g flour 00 (any other kind of flour will change the consistency of the gnocchi)

Steam the potatoes, once cooked peel them and let cool down a bit.
Mash the potatoes and then knead them with the flour.
Do a big ball with the paste.

Take little pieces of the paste and make rolls helping with your hands.

Cut the roll into little gnocchi
 Take your gnocchi board or, if you havn't got one, use a fork or another board, like I did, like a pasta guitar.

Place any gnocco on the board and push with your finger from the top to down.

Place the flour on your gnocchis to avoid sticking each others.

Now place lets boil the water in a pot, add the salt. Once it is boiling put the gnocchi and as soon as they will float on the pot, take with a perforated spoon and drain.

You can dress your gnocchis with pesto or tomato sauce or with butter,bacon, Parmesan cheese and sage (and let toast in the oven) or with tomato sauce, scamorza, Parmesan cheese and let finish to toast in the oven (that is Gnocchi alla Sorrentina).
Gnocchi alla sorrentina

Now, it's up to you choose and try ;)