Who I am

Name: Without any identity. Giulia is not my real name, it's just one my lovely sister gave me. She usually changes my name once a year. Anyone calls me as he/she wants, so you can do the same. 
Personal data: 25 years-old-girl from the South of Italy
Living: moved to Milan to study Management Engineering.
Loving: I left a piece of my heart in Barcelona where I spent 7 wonderful months and the remanin part is in my South.
Interests: I love the smells, colours, soundings from all around the world. This is the reason why I don't stop travelling.
Cooking for me is doing something good for someone you love, remembering old tastings, finding new flavours from all around the world.
Aim: The only scope of this blog is sharing my passions.

                                                         And what about you?

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