Personal cake maker

Do you need a proven receipe or are you searching for an idea for a new cake?
Do you have to use some specific ingredients or you are looking for a real italian recipe of something you have tasted?
Don't worry to loose your time searching on the web or testing new cakes, no more spectacles due to new recipes, now your Personal Cake Maker has came!!!

Anytime someone ask me for a cake or a recipe based on her/his personal preferences, it means I usually test different kind of recipe up to reach my objective: have a perfect cake.
Now, it's time to share my knowledge with you! If you need a good receipe you can just ask me, telling me what you need for your cake, if you have any preferences and I'll try to make the cake for you, once tested I'll post the receipe for you, giving all the istruction and tips to realize the cake you desire!
That's all due to my food passion, this service is totally free beacuse I'll learn and you will have what you are searching for, it seems a good exchange!

Write me!

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