Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cannoncini alla crema

"A partire da una certa età, per amor proprio e per furbizia, le cose che desideriamo di più sono quelle a cui fingiamo di non tenere."
(M. Proust) 

"Starting from a certain age, for self-respect and cunning, things we wish more are the ones for which we pretend to do not care."
(M. Proust) 

Happy birthday my love.

From Sep the 1st to October there are a lot of birthdays in my family. Any time I try to give everyone his/her sweet gift baseed on his/her preferences.
This time my boyfriend told me: "please do not make cakes anymore", such a strange request. Well,  I thought: "Fine, cakes are not the only thing I can do, there is also the patisserie" :)
...Such a women devilish idea!
Taking advantage of the time for his gym, I made such delicous cannoncini with vanilla custard in only...."wait for it"...30 min (this time includes preparing, cooking, dishing out, cleaning and hiding everything). You don't believe me? Ok, you are right, I also took advantage of the shower, using my dissumulation talent to hide what I was doing when he cames back! yeah!

Let have a look!

Cannoncini alla crema


French pastry


Vanilla custard

Cut french pastry stripes wide 1 cm, brush with a bit of water and put them around the cannoli form, taking care to overlap each strip to the other. Brush with a syrup made with water and sugar.

Oven at 220°C for 15 min and then let gild at 250°C for 5 min.
Cool them down and fill in with the vanilla custard.

Now, let's go to celebrate!!!

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